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Anti Fog Films 

When products with high moisture content, for example, fruits, salads, fresh vegetables, meat, etc. are packed in transparent films, moisture from the products condenses on the inside surface. This condensed moisture envelops into droplets, which gives a foggy effect. Whereas, this specialized film keeps the transparency intact so as to give a clear view of the products.

Cosmo Films have engineered Anti Fog Films, which are bi-axially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films with modified surface to render high surface energy.

Features of Anti Fog Films

Optical Transparency

  • Keeps moisture and fog at bay, enabling maximum optical transparency that allows customers to see the product’s freshness which is a key factor for perishables.

High-Quality Ink Adhesion

  • One side has best-in-class anti-fog properties while the other side is printable with high-quality ink adhesion for information & advertising.

Excellent Machinability

  • The Bi-axially oriented nature gives the film adequate machinability to run in most machinery with ease offering the option to go for bulk packaging or printing.

High Seal Strength

  • World-class sealing strength which safeguards the packaged products from accidental cuts, providing seal strength of the best quality, every time.

Advantages of Anti Fog Films

  • A clear view of the contents inside the pack

  • The freshness of the products is apparent