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Label Films

Cosmo Labeling Films are trusted by top F&B and personal care brands to label their products. They are helping global brands in reshaping their labeling process with efficiency, durability & versatility. It facilitates the conversion process, bringing down the cost of operations. 

From In-Mould to Pressure Sensitive, our labeling solutions are engineered to meet a variety of applications. We are continuously innovating to deliver both efficiency & sustainability in products. Scroll down to know more about our range of labels.

label face stock films

Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Films

Pressure Sensitive LabelStock (PSL) films are used for self-adhesive labeling for home and personal care products. They are extremely durable, resistant to moisture & oil, and resistant to scuff or rough conditions. It also delivers superior print quality across multiple printing technologies including UV, flexography, offset & more.

Available Types:

  • Transparent Pressure Sensitive Labelstock Film
  • White Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Film
  • Metalized Pressure Sensitive LabelStock Film
label face stock films

Wrap Around Label Films

Widely used for food & beverage labeling, Cosmo Wrap Around films are trusted by top brands in the industry. Our Wrap Around films are engineered to meet both reel-fed & cut-stack applications. These are extremely durable & flaunt amazing print quality.

Available Types:

  • Transparent Wrap Around Label Films
  • Pearlized Wrap Around Label Films
  • Metalized Wrap Around Label Films
label face stock films

In-Mould Label Films

In-mould labels are widely adopted by global brands. These labels become a part of your product, enhancing its aesthetic appeal, label durability & eliminating the additional steps of labeling. Cosmo In-Mould labels are resistant to scuff, crack, wrinkles & moisture.

Available Types:

  • White In Mould Label (IML) Films
  • Transparent In Mould Label (IML) Films
label face stock films

Label Over Lamination Films

Cosmo Label over Lamination films provides protection to your printed product label. Used for premium & standard product labels, the enhances its durability as well as aesthetic appeal.

Available Types:

  • Transparent Label Over Lamination Films